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Cancer Research UK

My mum is raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Because she can’t run, drive out of planes or juggle fiery batons, she’s decided to do a 10 minute sponsored breathe-in-and-out-athon. Without the help of Cancer Reseach UK, my mum wouldn’t have had the life she has today…she also wouldn’t have been able to make this awesome video.

Help beat the crap out of cancer by clicking on the link below.
Susan’s Breathe-in-and-out-athon

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The Meeting

Sometimes Sales and Marketing make valid, soul crushing points.


In other news, you should read my blog bit today:

Or just click here (YOUTUBE!) to see my mum’s AMAZING training video. She’s training to do a 10 minute breathe-in-and-out-athon for Cancer Research UK. This means she will attempt to breathe in AND out for 10 CONTINUOUS minutes. Amazing.

If you want to donate money you can do that on her JustGiving site which also has the training video.

Basically, if you watch this video, your life will improve by at least 10 happy points.


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