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Welcome Back!

Welcome back Book Fairers!

Did you remember your Toblerone? You better have. There will be blood.


In Other News…

I hope you all enjoyed my FBF10 comics! I’ll put the ones featured in the Bookseller up sooner or later but for now you can check them out here by clicking the links below or going to theBookseller.comand clicking the links that appear on the home page (right hand side, scroll down until you reach the “Bookseller Suppliments” bit).

Wednesday’s comic page 24
Thursday’s comic page 18
Friday’s comic page 19!

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Love you!


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FBF10 Day Five: It’s called “Cosplay” or “Weird”. Whichever.

I can’t believe that people still think that I make this stuff up.


Hello minions at the fair on Sunday! I feel your pain. That’s why this website exists.

You may have noticed me posting  every day this week. Well, today was the last day! Except for tomorrow. I post on Mondays and Thursdays.  But today was the last offical FBF10 posting.

You’re welcome.

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Here are some links to previous Book Fair comics:

The First one ever was written on the back of my Sales AIs and was never intended to mass consumption.
And here I am a year later.
More in the archives!

Did you see me in the Bookseller? Here I am! LOOK! Page 19, right next to Daisy Frost!

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