Dear People Reading This,

Welcome to BitBookish.com – a webcomic for those who feel that they could take their book-loving selves and crank up the geekiness just one more notch.
On this page you can find all manner of…stuff. FAQs, disclaimers, permission guidelines – keep on scrolling baby!
I hope you enjoy your time here or are too lazy to complain.

With kind regards,

Sophie *TheBookish* Dean

An Obligatory Disclaimer

OK, so just let me explain,
Some of the things I hereby disclaim:
I swear this stuff is loosely true,
But represents my own personal view.
Do not blame any company,
For you see it’s only me,
A girl with comic sort of plans,
And clearly too much time on her hands.
If you read this site please be aware,
It was only happiness I meant to share.


Here’s my rhyme about Permissions,
They’re boring and tedious and come with conditions,
So here is a list of what to do,
(Lucky for you, I made it rhyme too)
First you decide what to use,
And copy the details so we can’t sue:
Title, author, and the source
Cite them all and of course,
Give credit where credit’s due
So no confusion can be construed
I’ll be happy with that – can’t do much better
(Though you could, if you want, a donate tenner?)


Nobody has ever asked me anything frequently enough for it to be formally classified as a FAQ but that’s beside the point.

Q: Hello, who are you?
A: I’m Sophie. I work in Rights at a publishing house.

Q: When does this site get updated?
A: I’m going to say Monday and Thursday.

Q: So I’ve noticed that your drawings aren’t…how can I say this? They’re not really impressive. What’s up with that?
A: I studied Literature, not Art. Get off my case.

Q: How did you get into Rights?
A: I have no idea. I used to do the Returns. I miss that stamp. Stamp. File. Done.

Q: Why did you want to get into publishing?
A: Because I didn’t want to be a teacher – young children scare me.

Q: I love you. Can I email you?
A: Sure! Weirdo. Send it to sophie@bitbookish.com

Q: I don’t like you. Can I email you?
A: No. Go away.

Q: You’re weird.
A: Not a question.