This is true.

This is true.

Hello people reading this!

If you don’t know me in my real day to day life, you may have been confused about what happened over the past 2 years which meant such a sparse updating of BitBookish.

Well here is my brief explanation.

I came close to shutting the comic down last year but my habit of not finishing things either worked for or against me there. Now I plan to do more comics although they won’t be as publish-y as they were before. Mainly this is because I don’t work in the industry anymore because there’s some sort of recession on and no one wants me. Boohoo.

Hopefully you’ll stay with me and recommend my comics to friends.

Or not.



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9 Responses

  1. Iain says:

    Congratulations and welcome back.

  2. 2 years is a long time. Missed you!

  3. Anna says:

    I love not endings. Glad you’re back…

  4. Dee says:

    Yay – glad you are happy – good to see you back 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    So glad to see you back – and sorry you’ve had such a rubbish (and then very not-rubbish!) time of it recently.

    Congrats on the engagement!

  6. not your mum says:

    You’re the best thing since sliced bread. Can I be your bridesmaid?

  7. Tom says:

    Hooray! I love your ‘so I quit’ face! Seriously though, this is brilliant, you are a genius x

  8. Philippa says:

    See now it all makes sense!

  9. Sally says:

    I’ve been “away” too. Glad we’re back at the same time. And that you have a Not Ending – Yay you.

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