Sick Note

Sick Note

Doesn’t my dad have lovely handwriting? I went to the same school (albeit quite a few years later) and my handwriting looks like a spider having a seizure.

Anyway, I am very ill today. I won’t go in to details, as it’s the kind of illness you don’t go in to detail about. I have been mostly sleeping to try and avoid the symptoms but, as you can see this, strategy has left BitBookish comicless today.

I’m sorry.

I am certain I will be better by Thursday. I will see you then!

Don’t come near me.


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6 Responses

  1. your sickly mum says:

    how comes your dad gets to star in a comic when he’s the one that started all this?

  2. your sister with the excellent immune system says:

    when did dad ever write a sick note??

  3. Recovered in 24hrs says:

    The sister with the ‘excellent immune system’ better be Liz, not Emily ‘Catcher of Colds’ Dean.

    **NOTE FROM SOPHIE** Yeah, it was Liz. Obv.

  4. Emily "If I catch this illness I'll most likely die" Dean says:

    I used to get dad to write my ‘sicknotes’ for P.E…you can’t argue with serious handwriting like that!

  5. your mam this time says:

    No, you used to get your dad to write your sick notes cause if the teachers ever saw my handwriting they’d know you signed your own homework diaries!!!
    (P.S.When it’s Emily’s turn to get sick, I’m outta here- her vengeance will know no bounds!)

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