Almost Christmas!

Almost Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I have been Santa hunting this year with the help of Elf Tom. We have seen some pretty weird Father Christmases…

I put the best ones together in a brilliant montage of awesome. But the file was way too big for here. So go and click on this link to my TwitPic account thing. It’s pretty amazing. You won’t regret looking at all these weird Santas.

Speaking of things that I do in real life, if you click on this link to SPCK Publishing’s site (just scroll down!), you’ll be able to see a BitBookish, BitSPCK Christmas message. Think of it as another bonus comic!


Have you been following me on Twitter, joining my Facebook Group, or sending me an ecard to You Should. I’m pretty amazing.

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  1. Some more comedy gold from you! Thanks for brightening up Christmas Eve Eve!

  2. sophie says:

    You’re very welcome! Merry Almost Christmas!

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