Oh Tannenbaum!

If you saw in real life, I’m sure you’d agree,
That this plastic green thing is a dull sort of tree.
It has no lights and the branches look bare,
And because of this, I began to despair,
“Oh where’s the tinsel? The chinsey baubles?
“This tree of mine looks truly awful!”
But not to be defeated by this bit of plastic,
I decorate it in a way that’s Sophie fantastic!
I gather old business cards, red pens and highlighters,
Assorted coloured post-it notes – to make my plan brighter,
I cut and I snip and then start to colour,
I connect paperclips all on one another,
And after no time at all I have a pile,
Of paper baubles that make me smile.
I bend some paperclips all out of shape,
To make an “S” to I can hook and drape,
My recycled décor on to the branches,
And I’m sure you’ll agree, it really enhances,
The Christmas feeling on my desk,
As opposed to it’s usual mess!

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3 Responses

  1. not your mum but a complete stranger says:

    I think in the spirit of celebrating creation you should give presents to the person who created you. (Which in turn enabled you to create the comic.)

    Although I don’t know her, I feel sure your mam would like ferrero rocher or cheese on toast.

  2. not related to your mum says:

    I like how mum tried to throw you off the scent by calling herself mum and not mam lol

  3. not your mam says:

    moneysaving tip: shredded paper can be used to line guinea pig cages. also very green.

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