Guest comic by Jill Mansell!

Guest comic by Jill Mansell!

Holy pants everyone! I’m not making this up. Jill Mansell the author actually drew this comic. It is amazing.

Why did she draw this comic? Well besides the fact that Jill is an awesome lady, I happen to be on holiday this Monday! Woo!

In fact I’m on holiday a lot this month. Milan is next week and then I have a wedding in Surrey on the 27th (I’m a bridesmaid!) So instead of rushing about or posting more Adventures of Super Librarian (yes, there are more adventures of Super Librarian), I asked my lovely Twitter (follow me!) people to draw stuff for me.

I am AMAZED that people actually wanted to draw. Amazed and excited. And happy. Mostly I’m really happy.

What a great start to week. And my holidays. Woo! Holiday!

See you soon!

Sophie *HappyDance* Dean

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