FBF10 Day Five: It’s called “Cosplay” or “Weird”. Whichever.

FBF10 Day Five: It’s called “Cosplay” or “Weird”. Whichever.

I can’t believe that people still think that I make this stuff up.


Hello minions at the fair on Sunday! I feel your pain. That’s why this website exists.

You may have noticed me posting  every day this week. Well, today was the last day! Except for tomorrow. I post on Mondays and Thursdays.  But today was the last offical FBF10 posting.

You’re welcome.

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Here are some links to previous Book Fair comics:

The First one ever was written on the back of my Sales AIs and was never intended to mass consumption.
And here I am a year later.
More in the archives!

Did you see me in the Bookseller? Here I am! LOOK! Page 19, right next to Daisy Frost!

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