Here’s some blog bits for you:

I went to Teddington this weekend to hang out with bridesmaids of my FRIEND’S wedding. “Friend’s” is in capital letters, not because I’m being angry or giving unsubtle hints to the world, but because I don’t want anyone getting confused and wondering where the invitation or Facebook status update went.

I’m not sure if I had a point to make.

Yes. I remember. It was to let you all know that my cold is much, much better. Thanks for asking.

In other news:

I’m having so many fun ideas for project this weekend! I’m writing them down in hopes that I’ll do them. One of them has a theme tune!


I made a new Question for the Queen! Today’s question: Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman?

Today on Twitter, I will be talking about my puppet project!

Today on Facebook, I will be stalking you. Please join this Group so it’s easier for me.

Here’s my YouTube channel, ProjectLime4. Yes. There is a reason I called it that.


The  Key is Sticking

Oh uck and loppily oolish things
The  key’s stuck and with it brings
Not only that lack o lipping ’s
But also rippery lacking in sense
Not to mention coherency
It could be worse. It could be e.

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