Still Slightly Sick

Luckily, I seem to be full of alliteration, rather than phlegm. Hooray!

In other news, I have no other news except that news that I am not telling you yet.
Wait for it.
Wait for it…
Ok. GO!

There’s going to be a BitBookish comic in the Bookseller! Woo! I don’t know when it will appear though. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few weeks. Who knows!

Be sure to write to the editor and tell them how much you love me and want to give me hugs. Not real hugs – I don’t do well with those. I mean bookish hugs, AKA “books”.

I don’t know if that made sense but…you know… *cough cough*

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Are you on Facebook? Join my Group. I will give you a sweety. I don’t know how old it is. I found it under my chair yesterday. I blew off the fluff. It’s still good.

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