You still reading?

I thought you might have skipped this bit due to the unusually lengthy comic description. But well done if you didn’t. You get a prize.

Not a real prize of course. A fake one. Like a hug…not from me of course. How about the next time you get a hug, you just think to yourself “I got this hug because I read that little blog bit at the end of Sophie’s comic. I wish she wasn’t such a cheapskate. How long has this hug been going on for? It’s getting a little uncomfortable. Are they trying to nuzzle my ear? That’s entirely inappropriate. Unless this person is my spouse/partner/person I let nuzzle my ear. Now my ear itches. Thanks Soph.”

Yeah. You can call me Soph. It’s cool.

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And remember to check out my new YouTube Channel: Projectlime4. It’s where I ask questions to the (not real-life) Queen. Fun times!


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