Hello people that read this blog bit. Scroll up for a bit. You see that penguinkaren?

It was her birthday on Saturday. She wanted it to go by nice and quite and unnoticed. So wish her a happy birthday on Twitter (tag #penguinkaren – she actually doesn’t have an account)

Or on this Facebook group page

OR in the BitBookish comments.

If enough people do it, she’ll be annoyed and will try to kill me.

And if that happens, I will draw a comic of a penguin flying at me in a fit of rage.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

ALSO, in case you are the kind of person that say, “WTF? Who are those other people on the table?” from left to right, it’s Sophie, Claire, PenguinKaren, ThatGuyMark, Pirate Emile, and American Hillary.

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