Shake shake shake

I was about to write something but now I have an earache and it hurts. Hurts bad.

I’ll just wait here until it goes away. You will be aware of no time passing.

Ok. Better.

So, hello Monday! I am in London today, Monday. Just walking about. Visiting people. What are you doing? Sun shining? Being miserable? Raining on parades? Crushing the spirit of the weekend with your insistent reminder of the working week?

You cad, Monday. You utter cad.

What just happened? Oh right…wine…hmm. Yep. Sorry about that. I would delete it but maybe you all like some random personification-of-Monday-insults? Obviously I do.

I’m going to stop now.



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  1. not your mother says:

    as you know, i love all cakes equally.

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