My computer is falling apart.

Ok, so here’s what happened:

I have a really colourful comic coming up. I was going to post it today as well…I thought you might have had enough of Book Monster (darling as he is). But my Photoshop stopped working. Oh, I could open it and colour in the whole picture but when I went to save it, it crashed and lost all my changes. I tried it three times but each time it crashed. It sucks. I was going to resort to colouring it in MS Paint but…well…I just couldn’t do that to you.

So here’s a black and white Book Monster comic. Hooray for Book Monster! Saving the day even though nobody asked him to.

Have a lovely Thursday!


I live in Twitter now

Yeah. Facebook Group. Why aren’t you a member? Is it because your scared? *to make chicken noises*

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