Vaules are important. So I’m told.

It’s going to be a glorious day today. I feel it in my socks. I need new socks. These ones have holes in them. Still, they know their moods.

What was I going to say that was of value?

Oh. Right.

Merchandise! You people need to be more vocal. Come on! I’m being super interactive here and will actually listen to what you say. I might not though…just as a warning.

Here I am on Twitter!

Be my Facebook Groupy!

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  1. Your most favourite sister says:

    I was just sat here thinking “wow, that Japanese woman is drawn really well. Sophies drawing skills are really improving”. Then I realised that it must be part of the original doodle. shame.

  2. Philippa says:

    Sorry for the lack of voice, but I lost it last week. I last had it Waterloo but it wasn’t in the lost and found when I check. Not sure where else to try. I am at the end of my tether!

  3. Rachel says:

    You made me giggle out loud with the jesus doodle. Now people think I’m laughing at InDesign.

    Can you do a range of cuddly characters so I can reenact the old SPCK days? Or maybe just a Pip doll I can show my adverts to?

  4. Kris says:

    You want comments? You got it! Merchandise would be fun but the market might be limited… to us publishing types…

  5. sophie says:

    We deserve merchandise! Bookish people are awesome!

  6. Emily says:

    You always need new socks…Damn your big toe! x

  7. Suze says:

    I feel like a bit of an imposter, not being in publishing and all, but I love the idea of merchandising! Surely it has to be mugs, so you can put the ones about tea on them, it just feels fitting that you would have tea mugs sophie. Awesome as ever. x

  8. sophie says:

    Imposters, as always, are warmly welcomed. Especially if they bring me praise.

  9. not your mother says:

    Not wanting to condone violence or anything, but that character wearing six pairs of specs at once looks like the font of all awesomeness. Love mum x

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