Day One

Hello people; I am at the London Book Fair!
Now this is written the night before the fair but I’m guessing the Icelandic Cloud is making for a pretty quiet Monday. Stupid cloud.
I’m posting every day of the fair (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) but I’m not posting on Thursday. Because I’ll be crying with exhaustion. I’ve also pencilled that in for the weekend so don’t expect any miracles come next Monday either.

Oh! And I’m in The Bookseller book fair dailies! It is exciting.


Sophie? On Twitter? Yes please!

Woo! A Facebook Group!

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  1. Anna says:

    I’ve just had the first of the Bookseller dailies delivered by express (Alison!) to my desk and now everyone is drooling over the Sophie at the Fair logo. WAHOOO! Well done!

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