Rage Rhyme

London book fair in a few days
…I almost threw up on this webpage
My nerves start ticking in the run up week
I fly into a rage when I’m usually meek
I was working today and to my consternation
My heart started having strange palpitations
“This book fair” I said, “how it makes me worry
“About all of these things I must do in a hurry!
“Notes and proofs and a diary check
This guy wants an appointment? Blooming heck!”
I type and I file and I think to myself;
‘All of these book fairs can’t be good for my health!’
The funny thing is the meetings are fine
Three days of chatting – we have a great time
What makes me angry and go really too far
Is when this stapler b*****y f****ing! RAAAHH!

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