Phew! For so many reasons, phew!

Here are some note-worthy events that have happend lately:

1)      Super Librarian is OVER. Thank goodness. Unless you’re a librarian, you wouldn’t believe the controversy. So let me get this clear: Librarians are amazing. I don’t hate librarians or think they are stupid. I don’t think their job is easy. Hey, I work in publishing – one of the most gentle of professions. I think everyone else’s job is horrifically difficult. And yes, my spelling, on occasion, can suck.

2)      I have had LIFE CHANGES…not those ones. The ones you get when you’re in your twenties.

3)      I have had MORE LIFE CHANGES… the kind you get when you’re just stupid-lucky.

4)      I JUST ATE A NECTARINE. It’s not that exciting to you but I’m over the moon. Mmm…nectarines.

Ok. That’s it for now. Bye!



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