Super Librarian p.07

Super Librarian p.07


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  1. Kelly says:

    I’m a librarian and I don’t spend my days shelving (shelvers do that), cleaning (cleaners do that), or stamping (library assistants do that). And I don’t know a single thing about Dewey. Your comic is cute, but jeez, it’s stereotypes like these that make people LAUGH IN MY FACE when I tell them that (most) librarians have Masters degrees.

    They do, you know…

  2. sophie says:

    YES INDEED! Librarians certainly do have a varied role and yes, not all librarians are like the one protayed in this comic and not all libraries are the same.
    My sister, for example, is a librarian for a council library. She has a degree too. Plenty of librarians don’t. But, on the whole, they do love books and are wonderful people.

  3. Julia says:

    Hi, I’m a community librarian and here in our humble libraries I stamp, shelve and clean whilst creating displays, promotional work, giving school assemblies, having class visits, attending various meetings and focus groups, choosing new stock and joining new members. Dear God let us not forget the reports and statistics, baby rhyme times and craft activities, coffee mornings and answering every enquiry that comes my way – all with a smile ‘cos I’m awesome like that. I also make my library assistant tea. Because I’m awesome (and so is my library).

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