Why does this week continue to be busy?

This comic took ages. Loads of time. A monstrous amount of time. I think my eyes are going to fall out of my head. And it’s nothing but filler! WOO!

If you aren’t a Dean (or an honorary Dean) you may not know that that is a drawing of immediate family only. And Frenchy, ‘cause, you know…Frenchy. He’s alright.

So this month is packed-full of life changing events. It’s a busy and exciting time for me. Also pantpoopingly scary.

My life is waddling up the steps to the high dive. Soon I’ll stand in my skivvies and belly flop into the deep end of grown up ocean.

Ah well.


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  1. mumsy says:

    I’ve shrunk. I’m still taller than two of you at least. As for handbags, I still think it’s a good idea, though I’m looking forward to superlibrarian, is it based on your sister? Are we going to have supershippingclerk anytime soon?

    *Edit from Sophie
    Don’t make me erase you, mum!

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