Nobody Understands You!

Nobody Understands You!

Poor Production department. Nobody understand you vital and important job. And nobody wants to either.

You know how magical dwarves live underground and mine stuff like coal, diamonds and gold so the rest of us can have things work and look pretty? That’s Production. You should appreciate the Production department. They have a really tough job which involves a lot of spreadsheets. Also, I’m pretty sure they carry axes.

Ebooks on the other hand… Well, they’re like that massive bird that kept eating the liver of Prometheus everyday (yeah, Wikipedia that if you don’t get it). Really scary and annoying, but mostly just terrifying. And there’s nothing you can do about. Just grow a new liver.

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2 Responses

  1. Pip says:

    Boo Ebooks! I am sure you would change my life but not in a way that I want. Like you can live without an iPhone before you succumb and then you can’t work out how you ever lived without having all those apps!

    Paper is retro and I love it!

  2. Sam says:

    Why is nobody talking about the inherent dangers of allowing a couple of companies to control both the platform (ebooks) and the delivery of content. Surely this will result in an over decreasing circle of less choice for consumers and all profitability draining away from the publishing industry….

    Oh I also think that the rows of book spines on your bookshelves are a reflection of your interests and say a lot about you!

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