Oh Google, how you boogle my noodle.

What happened to that “don’t be evil” motto, Google? Lies. ALL LIES!

For people that don’t know and vaguely care, the Google Book Settlement is a big pain concerning copyright and digital law.

Trying to understand it is like being kicked in the teeth by a law dictionary that’s seeking revenge after it lost its one true love to pirates on the high sea of the interwebs. And once you got used to that searing pain, some ninjas jumped out from behind the door and rearranged the furniture and what you thought was a cup of tea was actually a cup of snakes and the custard crèmes have turned into thorny lemon slices on your cold and bitter tongue of LIES.

And trust me, that makes more sense than the truth.

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  1. Donald says:

    This cartoon encapsulates my life during the latter two weeks of January, 2010.

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